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Hi.We're Will Brand and Jordan Smilovic, and we get things done.

Brooklyn Web Developers is a web development consultancy focused on reliable solutions to real problems. We believe in open, honest consulting based on a strong knowledge of both our tools and your needs.

We've worked with a wide variety of web technologies, which means we understand how to use the right tool for the job, from C# to Node.js. It also means we're used to thinking about architecture and consistent design patterns before writing our code, so we produce easy-to-maintain solutions with real structure and documentation. We write code we're proud of, and we'll put that drive to work for you.

Our Clients

What We've Done Lately



Jazz at Lincoln Center wanted to have the largest jazz archive in the world. We build them a world class infrastructure and website to support that vision.

The Quire

The Quire

The Quire wanted to start an LGBTQ blog curated by its users. We built a Wordpress plugin and matching theme that helped them turn their readers into full-fledged editors, with the ability to reorganize the Quire's content into mini-blogs of their own. They got an elegant, AJAX- and Bootstrap-powered front end and a powerful, highly tailored back end that helps their writers keep everything running smoothly.

Art F City

Art F City

We launched a redesigned web site for Art F City, one of the world's best-known contemporary art blogs. They wanted a Wordpress-based redesign that would be eye-catching, fast, and responsive, while putting the focus on their content.

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